Yealink VLAN DHCP Scope configuration on VLAN Windows DHCP Server

Yealink VLAN DHCP Scope configuration on VLAN Windows DHCP Server

To configure Yealink phones to get VLAN ID from the default DHCP Server follow the below instructions.

Step 1

Login to local windows dhcp server and configure a new scope option for Yealink phone.
a) Right click IPv4
b) select “Set Predefined Options”

Step 2

a) Click on “Add”
b) Fill the “Option Type”
c) Select “Data Type” as String.
d) Code is “132”
e) Finish the Options by clicking “OK” on all other dialog boxes.

Step 3

a) Right click Scope Options
b) Select “Configure Options”

Step 4

a) Scroll till the end of the list and select the Yealink VLAN option.
b) Under String value put the VLAN ID which you want to set on yealink phone.


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Linksys SPA decrypt cfg

Use the openssl command to decrypt

openssl enc -d -aes256 -k <key> -in <macaddress>.cfg -out rep.xml

<key> is the password which you have put in SPA interface.




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could not find kernel image linux

vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img

make sure vmlinuz & initrd are there in root directory of the USB drive.

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Polycom Paging : New Firmware : Elastix

Change the value of  $alertinfo = ‘Alert-Info: Ring Answer’ to  $alertinfo = ‘Alert-Info: Auto Answer’
File : /var/www/html/admin/modules/paging/

Login to Elastix, Navigate to PBX >> Paging and Intercom >> Add new extension for Paging.

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Enable NAT : OpenVZ Container

vzctl set 135 –netfilter full –save –setmode restart


*135 : Container ID

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Docker Commands

Get a Docker Image

docker pull ubuntu

Run a Docker Container

docker run -d -ti -v /data--name=Odoo /bin/bash
d = Detach mode
t = Terminal
i = Interactive
v = attach volume
Run /bin/bash in container when it starts.

Enter into a Docker Container

docker attach odoo : Enter to container odoo

Quit from a container without stopping it

Ctrl+P+Q : Quit without stopping the running process from the container

Attach a Volume

docker run -d -ti -v /srv/data1:/data --name=Odoo1 /bin/bash
Create Odoo1 container and mount host's /srv/data1 to /data of Odoo1 container

List all Containers in the host

docker ps -a: List all Running /Not running containers

Start/Stop Container

docker start odoo : Start the container (Exited)
docker stop odoo: Stop container

Expose a Port
docker run -d -p 3306:3306 -ti mysql /bin/bash

Start the container mysql and open port 3306 and map it to localport 3306

docker network ls
docker network inspect bridge

List all the ports

iptables -L -t nat
docker run -it -p 80:8080 -d --restart=always --name shipyard --link shipyard-rethinkdb:rethinkdb shipyard/shipyard

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