Polycom Paging : New Firmware : Elastix

Change the value of  $alertinfo = ‘Alert-Info: Ring Answer’ to  $alertinfo = ‘Alert-Info: Auto Answer’
File : /var/www/html/admin/modules/paging/functions.inc.php

Login to Elastix, Navigate to PBX >> Paging and Intercom >> Add new extension for Paging.


Remove Microbrowser from Polycom phone Display :Elastix 2.5

Before start provisioning Polycom phones from the Elastix GUI remove the microbrowser (5lines) section from following files.

Provision Polycom Phones with FreePBX

Change Polycom Addressbook when you change Display Name from Extensions in Elastix : FreePBX

Edit the file /var/www/html/admin/modules/core/functions.inc.php
Add the following lines after line number 4477
//      list($fn, $ln) = explode(' ',$newname);
        $userparams = core_users_get($extension);
        $oldname =$userparams['name'];
        if (strcmp($newname, $oldname) !== 0) {
        exec("sed -i -- 's/$oldname/$newname/g' /tftpboot/polycom/contacts/*.xml"); }



TFTP Server Package
DHCP Server with Bootserver enabled
FTP(vsftpd) for (In new Polycom phones FTP is the default protocol)

Install TFTP Server in PBX

#yum install tftp-server

Change the Owner of TFTP directory to asterisk

#chown asterisk /tftpboot

Edit /etc/xinetd.d/tftp

change the line

disable                 = no

restart the xinetd service
# /etc/init.d/xinetd restart
Check if you can access the files from the tftp server.

#echo  “test line” > /tftpboot/test.txt

From your client machine run the following command.

C:\> tftp get test.txt
Transfer successful: 11 bytes in 1 second, 11 bytes/s

If your TFTP is working you will get the above output.

Install vsftp

If you want to enable FTP provosioning for Polycom phones  install vsftpd

#yum install vsftpd

Add Polycom phone user

#useradd PlcmSplp -d /tftpboot
#passwd PlcmSplp
Enter PlcmSplp as password

Then add PlcmSplp to FTP configuration

#edit /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf
Open the vsftpd.conf file and search for chroot_list_enable=YES
Uncomment the line and make sure it is YES. Do the same for the following variables

Create vsftpd.chroot_list in /etc/vsftpd/ and add the user PlcmSplp.

Save and close the file.

Configure DHCP Server

Configure DHCP sever to send boot sevrver ip along with the DHCP lease.
Here I am using windows 2003 server. Find the screen shots

Download and extract the lastest polycom firmware to /tftpboot directory.
Download the provisioning module from here and install it into FreePBX from Module Admin
Download the sample csv file from here.
Add the required extension,fullname,password and macaddress of the phones.
Upload the csv file from the Polycom Provsioning Menu of the FreePBX.
It will create all polycom configuration files required to register phones.
Connect the phones. The phones will be upgraded with the new firmware.
Every phones will be provisioned with PBX wide directory(You will get all PBX users extension numbers in directory)

If the phone is not downlading the firmware check the the boot server IP address in the phone. The boot server IP address should be the IP address of the PBX.

TFTP Configuration - Write Enabled

service tftp
 socket_type = dgram
 protocol = udp
 wait = yes
 user = root
 server = /usr/sbin/in.tftpd
 server_args = -c -s -vv /tftpboot
 disable = no
 per_source = 11
 cps = 100 2
 flags = IPv4

Avaya IP Office 500 with 3rd party SIP End Points

Today I’m going to discuss about 3rd party sip end point registration with Avaya IP Office 500 v2 PBX.
You have to have a “3rd Party IP Endpoints” license in order to do this configuration.

Create a new user and an extension in Avaya as shown in screen shots below.

On the same user menu under Telephony Supervisor Settings enter the Login Code. This will be the actual SIP password.

On the Extension menu make sure corresponding extension is created.

If not create a new SIP extension by right clicking the Extension menu.

Find below configuration screen shots of different SIP IP end points.

Grandstream GXP2010


Polycom IP330


Zoiper Softphone