Import Virtualbox VM to VMware vSphere

  1. Upload the Virtualbox vm’s vmdk file to vmware datastore.
  2. ssh to vmware vSphere/ ESXi and convert the uploaded disk. The snapshots will not work if the file is not converted.
    command : vmkfstools -i <source>.vmdk <target>.vmdk -d thin
  3. Create a new VM in with vSphere client and attach the converted disk to it

Author: Shyju Kanaprath

In our daily life we learn lots of new things. As the time goes we forgets those and we may reach a situation where "Things You Probably Already Know, But Have Forgotten". I’m Shyju Kanaprath, the blogger of "Tech.. Logs.." and I blog here to avoid those kind of situations, at least for myself :) . This blog keep me in track on such times..

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