Import Virtualbox VM to VMware vSphere

  1. Upload the Virtualbox vm’s vmdk file to vmware datastore.
  2. ssh to vmware vSphere/ ESXi and convert the uploaded disk. The snapshots will not work if the file is not converted.
    command : vmkfstools -i <source>.vmdk <target>.vmdk -d thin
  3. Create a new VM in with vSphere client and attach the converted disk to it

Link Aggregation (LACP) and Windows 2012 Teaming

Create a vlan for iSCSI and tag ports

console(config)# interface range ethernet 1/g11-1/g12
console(config-if)# channel-group 1 mode auto
console(config-if)# exit
console(config)# interface port-channel 1
console(config-if)# switchport mode general
console(config-if)# switchport general allowed vlan add 20 tagged
console(config-if)# switchport general pvid 1
Grouped switch port 11 & port 12 & added vlan 20
Add new team interface in  Windows 2012 and set Teaming mode to LACP.
Add another team interface for the second vlan

Enable Web Access – Dell Switch

  1.  Connect with RS232 console cable.
  2.  Change putty settings. Change the serial line connection numbers if it does not connect(COM1,COM2 etc.)














3. Enter the following commands and access the interface using

IP: Username/password : admin/mypass


ip address
ip default-gateway
username admin password mypass level 15