Avaya IP Office 500 with 3rd party SIP End Points

Today I’m going to discuss about 3rd party sip end point registration with Avaya IP Office 500 v2 PBX.
You have to have a “3rd Party IP Endpoints” license in order to do this configuration.

Create a new user and an extension in Avaya as shown in screen shots below.

On the same user menu under Telephony Supervisor Settings enter the Login Code. This will be the actual SIP password.

On the Extension menu make sure corresponding extension is created.

If not create a new SIP extension by right clicking the Extension menu.

Find below configuration screen shots of different SIP IP end points.

Grandstream GXP2010


Polycom IP330


Zoiper Softphone



Author: Shyju Kanaprath

In our daily life we learn lots of new things. As the time goes we forgets those and we may reach a situation where "Things You Probably Already Know, But Have Forgotten". I’m Shyju Kanaprath, the blogger of "Tech.. Logs.." and I blog here to avoid those kind of situations, at least for myself :) . This blog keep me in track on such times..

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