Elastix Call Center

yum install elastix-callcenter


VtigerCRM Click to Dial with Elastix

In elastix 2.0 the vtigerCRM click to dial normally won’t work . We have to change the following file to make it work.

Edit the following file


Search for default:

change the $context = "default"; to $context = "from-internal";

(from-interna is default context for extensions in FreePBX)

where "from-internal" is the dial plan context for oubound dialing for the user extension who logged in to vtigercrm.

See /etc/asterisk/sip_additional.conf for FreePBX or /etc/asterisk/users.conf for bare asterisk

Grandstream Gateway With Asterisk+Asterisk-GUI

Here I’m using Grnadstream FXO Gateway GXW4104
Login to GXW4104
Select Profile 1
SIP Server: IP address of Asterisk box
SIP Registration: No

Select FXO Lines
4. Unconditional Call Forward to VOIP: ch1-4:604;

Here 604 is the extension which the incoming call to be routed in asterisk.

In Asterisk , edit the following files.


trunkname = Grandstream
trunkstyle = voip
type = peer
context = DLPN_incoming
host = IP address of Grnadstream Gateway
hasexten = no
hassip = yes
insecure = port
canreinvite = no
allow = all


exten = _X.,1,Macro(trunkdial-failover-0.3,SIP/gxw4104/${EXTEN})

include = CallingRule_Call_out

exten = 604,1,Dial(SIP/604)

It will be available in Asterisk-GUI after reloading asterisk.